"After I design an App I field test it myself to make sure it works."



I am a HVAC professional with over 40 years of experience as both a technician and a company owner. I incorporated this experience when I created these apps to provide a user friendly experience for both the techs and owners. 


These apps were designed to provide the technicians with all the customer information, a flat rate pricing guide, GPS navigation, a scheduling calendar, and work orders that have the customer information already added.


Company owners control their own profits by providing employee cost, overhead cost, and the desired profit level. The Apps do the calculations delivering the hourly rate price used in the flat rate pricing guide based on the desired profit level.

The flat rate pricing guide empowers the owner with the ability to change the labor hours and parts cost for each job. They can add new jobs as well.


These apps are tools you use every day and  the cost is less than a dollar a day per user.