HVAC Service Dashboard

The Dashboard

Check it out >

HVAC Service Dashboard dashboard
  • View an interactive customer list

  • View an interactive calendar 

  • View the flat rate pricing guide

The Calendar

Schedule anything >

  • View up coming appointments

  • Schedule new appointments

  • Select an appointment to complete repair form

HVAC Service dashboard calendar
Customer List

Customer info here >

  • View current customer information

  • Phone , Email, or Text customers

  • GPS navigation

  • Add new customers

HVAC Service Dashboard customer list
Flat Rate Guide

Right price right now >

HVAC Srevice Dashboard Flat Rate
  • Hundreds of HVAC Repairs 

  • Three pricing levels

  • Stay up to date

  • Change repair prices as needed 

  • Add new repair items 


True cost >

Use this form to calculate the true cost of your employees.

HVAC Service Dashboard Employee
Operating Cost

Where does it go? >

  • Understand the operating cost

  • Use this information and the employee cost to determine your labor rate.

HVAC Service Dashboard Cost

HVAC Service Dashboard

  • Easy to use

  • No paper work orders to file

  • Email completed work orders instantly

  • View customer history and schedule appointments in the field

  • Add equipment data including name plate photo

  • Locate you next appointment with GPS navigations from any location

  • Update your flat rate pricing guide at anytime

  • Works on your laptop, tablet, and smart phone